Friday, December 13, 2013

Synergy Mouse/Keyboard Sharing Application

Synergy - Mouse Keyboard sharing over Network (TCP)

  • Its an amazing application, the best example of client - server architecture, makes your life easy by sharing single keyboard & mouse with multiple systems.
  • If you are running your server over a unix machine you can install it from repository
  • installation:
    • sudo yum install synergy OR
    • sudo apt-get install synergy
  • Simple Configuration - Provide host information of your left & right machine as below

section: screens

section: links        
                right = OtherComputerHostname
                left  = MyServerHostName

  • Running it behind default firewall of UNIX - iptables
  • Here is the command to allow clients connecting server
  • iptables -I INPUT 2 -p tcp --dport 24800 -j ACCEPT
  • Adding aboe entry in permanent configuration fiile
  • Add following line to your iptables configuration file, default: /etc/sysconfig/iptables
    • -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 24800 -j ACCEPT

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finding size of database table - postgresql

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION pg_partition_table_size(text) returns text as  
select pg_size_pretty(sum(pg_relation_size(inhrelid))::bigint) from pg_inherits where inhparent=$1::regclass;  
$$ language sql;  

postgresql# select pg_partition_table_size as Size from pg_partition_table_size('url_daily_aggregate');
 19 GB
(1 row)

Finding top 20 largest table (non-partitioned)

SELECT nspname || '.' || relname AS "relation", pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(C.oid)) AS "size"  FROM pg_class C LEFT JOIN pg_namespace N ON (N.oid = C.relnamespace) WHERE nspname NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'information_schema') and relname = '$TOKEN' ORDER BY pg_relation_size(C.oid) DESC LIMIT 20;

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to disable dynamic-auto tab name (rename) changes for guake

How to Disable GUAKE Dynamic Auto Tab Name (rename) changes

Very frustrating feature of Gauke - it will change the name of tab on each process and change of directory.
Which generally running out of display from monitor and need to guess which terminal is for what.

It can be controlled by enabling static tab name by altering settings for Gauke from GNOME Configuration Tool.

Ideally this should be supported under guake terminal preferences but somehow its not been there.

This issue can be addressed by simple configuration changes.
Execute the below command on terminal:

` gconftool-2 --set /apps/guake/general/use_vte_titles --type boolean false `


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Getting Amarok running on Ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx

        Follow the simple steps below to get the amarok working on lucid lynx
        1. sudo apt-get update
        2. sudo apt-get install amarok
        3. sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg ubuntu-restricted-extras
        Read more: click here

        Tuesday, May 04, 2010

        Running digsby over Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

        here are the few steps which will guide - how to setup digsby over lucid lynx !
        • sudo apt-get update
        • sudo apt-get install wine
        • wget
        • wine digsby_setup.exe

        Wednesday, March 24, 2010

        The copy of windows is not genuine - Windows7 [Solved]

        First of all Turn Windows Update OFF....then follow the instructions given below.

        You need WinRar or some other rar utility program to un compress the archive.

        Here is the patch - download     mirror

        1. Extract RemoveWAT21.rar
        2. Run RemoveWAT.exe
        3. Run FeedBackRemove.reg
        4. Restart your computer
        5. You are done.

        Friday, January 08, 2010


        Active Keys is available for immediate download.


        Active Keys Main Window
        Modern operating systems offer the increasing number of breathtaking features that bring computing to new edge. These days, computers transform into entertainment and information centers of our homes and offices. There is one major drawback of such miraculous integration, however - computers are still bound to traditional hierarchical interfaces which makes controlling various system actions rather a memory quiz than a comfortable living.
        Each and every new piece of computer functionality involves using new software which in turn uses multiple menus, icons and buttons to access its features. It is fairly easy to control one application behavior but what if there are five or twenty of them? Aren't you missing your favorite remote controller? Wouldn't it be great to use one controller to manipulate all the functionality of your PC? Is it a dream that never comes true?
        No! is here ready to offer its amazing Active Keys software that will turn your ordinary keyboard into full-blown remote controller for your entire system. That's right! No more miles of mouse moves and injured wrists, no more hassle and interface havocs! Just total control of your entire Windows system using any keyboard at hand!
        Active Keys is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts for any system action. Active Keys allows creation of custom keyboard hot keys definitions for otherwise hardly accessible functions. Among those are CD Audio and WinAmp actions, sound volume, windows resizing, opening Internet addresses, folders, documents, sending e-mails, starting applications and much more:
        Just imagine being able to control Windows Media Player, screen resolution and color depth, start screen saver, insert current time and date or custom text with just one key press! Throw in the intuitive interface and small memory and system resources usage footprint and you will understand this title worth a try! So go ahead anddownload free now!

        Features available in the current version:

        • Text commands:
          • Paste Predefined Text (paste any text with one keystroke)
          • Paste Current Date/Time (paste current date or/and time in adjustable appearence)
        • Multimedia commands:
          • CD Audio Control (Eject/Close CD Door/Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Previous)
          • Windows Media Player Control (Play/Pause/Stop/Skip Back/Skip Forward/Rewind/Fast Forward)
          • iTunes Player Control (Play/Pause/Skip Back/Skip Forward)
          • Sound Mute On/Off
          • Microphone Mute/Unmute
          • Line In Mute/Unmute
          • Sound Volume Control (raise/lower volume with adjustable speed) - includes sound volume indicator with ajustable appearence.
          • Winamp Control (Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Previous/Stop with Fadeout/Frw 5 sec/Back 5 sec/Start of list)
        • Internet commands:
          • Open Web Document (opens any web page with a single keystroke)
          • Send Email
        • Windows Shell commands:
          • Start Program
          • Open Folder/Explore Folder
          • Open Document
          • Print Document (including web pages)
          • Empty Recycle Bin / Open Recycle Bin
        • System commands:
          • Shutdown/Restart/Stand by/Log Off
          • Start Control Panel or Control Panel Applications
        • Display commands:
          • Set Video Mode (allows to set any available resolutions/colors with one keystroke)
          • Start screen saver (allows to start screen saver manually)
          • Monitor Power Control (allows to power monitor on/off)
        • Window
          • Maximize Window
          • Minimize Window
          • Restore Window
          • Maximize Document's Window
          • Minimize Document's Window
          • Restore Document's Window
          • Move Window
          • Size Window
          • Make Window Topmost/Non-topmost
          • Dock Window to Border or Corner of Desktop (moves a window to any corner or border of the screen)
          • Cascade Windows
          • Cascade MDI Windows (cascades all document's windows in main window)
          • Tile Windows
          • Tile MDI Windows (tiles all document's windows in main window)
        Do you need another action? Email us and we'll try to include it to the next version of Active Keys.


        We plan to add new actions every month, so if you would like to be notified by e-mail of updates, then sign up for the Active Keys update newsletter.

        System requirements:

        Windows 2000 / XP / Vista


        Keyboard Shortcut Wizard
        Create new shortcuts with the Wizard.
        Keyboard Shortcut Properties
        Properties dialog for editing keyboard shortcuts.
        Taskbar Icon
        Taskbar icon
        You can get free trial version on download page.